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Curva Aço Inoxidável Tubular
Curva Aço Inoxidável Tubular
Curva Aço Inoxidável Tubular

Tubular Stainless Steel Bend

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Tubular Stainless Steel Bend

+55 (19) 3377 5412

Tubular Stainless Steel Bend. Our Tubular Stainless Steel Bend have strict quality control, meeting all requirements and standards applied in the manufacture of Tubular Stainless Steel Bend .

Tubular Stainless Steel Bend manufactured under the requested standards, in the most diverse specifications, check below.

Guaranteed quality:

  • Smoothed or scraped weld seam (DIN 11 850 or DIN 17 457)
  • absolutely crease free, no bulges
  • no risks
  • does not have ovality
  • visually appealing surface
  • deburred edges

Also we manufacture stainless steel bends specials from according to your drawing/sketch.

In addition to our standard stainless steel stock line, we also process aluminum, copper, brass and other alloys.

AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 304H, AISI 316, AISI 316L, AISI 309, A-249, ASTM A 213, A-409, A-358, A-312, A-270, A-269 and other standards and alloys as per customer need.


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