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WE SUPPLY for the Steel Tank Industry, calendered plates for carbon steel tanks from different market segments such as; petroleum, sugar-alcohol, agricultural, chemical and water. Vertical or horizontal tanks for different capacities. Our main focus is to supply industrialized raw material so that companies only have to carry out the assembly at the construction site.


Steel Tanks


  • Gasoline Storage
  • Ethanol Storage
  • Diesel fuel storage
  • Kerosene Bulk Storage
  • Aviation fuel storage

We supply already and industrialized calendered steel sheets , both for cutting and bending, squared, beveled and calendered for assembly on the construction site.

Calendered Sheets for Steel Tanks with the best price and quality of service on the market. As today's fuel prices rise and environmental regulations expand, you need to ensure your fuel storage tank is safe enough to meet regulations and assembly requirements.

Steel Reservoir



Quality of our calendered sheet materials for Steel Tanks and Reservoirs

We meet your needs by relying on proven tank and vessel manufacturing processes, with exactly the right size material in calendered sheet offering engineering innovation. The technology and engineering invested in our products is second to none.

The exceptional quality of our services in the manufacture of calendered sheets for tanks and vessels begins with the pride that each of us takes in skill, expertise and service. We take our commitments to our partners seriously because we know you can't trust our tank sheet calendering services until you trust our people who produce. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best solution for your project, making us an extremely reliable partner.

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