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Focus on the most diversified infrastructure companies in the Brazilian market. Providing solutions for large projects in diversified areas of heavy and large equipment .

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Industrial Practice Areas

  • Agro Foods
  • automobile
  • capital goods
  • Civil Construction
  • gas
  • hydroelectric
  • Metal Mechanics
  • mining
  • Paper and Pulp
  • oil

The heavy industry segment is directly impacted by several macro, environmental and technological trends. Macroeconomic trends include population growth and urbanization, driving demand for raw materials and new infrastructure and construction projects. Environmental trends include pollution control and energy consumption regulations, along with environmentally safe mining and fossil fuel exploration.

We supply a wide range of heavy equipment , from Metal Structures , Structural Welded Profiles and Beams , Metal Cradles , Steel Tubes and Jackets , Torispherical Tops , Reservoirs and Steel Tanks .

Heavy Equipment Industry

We have great solutions for various industrial segments , with large-scale projects across the country, providing equipment for the construction of highways , bridges and viaducts , infrastructure and much more. With deep experience and proven execution and engineering capabilities that allow us to deliver innovative, functionally relevant and differentiated solutions to our heavy industrial machinery customers.

Equipment available for the execution of Infrastructure projects

  • Calender with a working width of up to 6 meters
  • Plate calendering up to 2″ thick
  • Cut High Definition Plasma to thickness up to 1.1/2"
  • Robotic welding for yield optimization
  • Welding Turner with Capacity for up to 120 Tons

Production Capacity for Large Industry and Heavy Equipment

In an increasingly global competition, heavy equipment customers demand that products operate safely and perform effectively in harsh environments and under extreme conditions. We as heavy industry manufacturers are challenged with numerous product configurations, targets and reliability to maximize payload capacity while meeting aggressive cost targets. Compraço helps to develop innovative solutions with better cost benefit, durability and reliability, reducing overall costs with faster project cycles.

when the economy is in low and begins to recover, the heavy equipment industry is often the first to show signs of improvement. This makes the sector one of the main market economic indicators .

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